My mom is dating my teacher

" he questions saving the situation after fumbling for words."Don't worry Mr Finn I just want everyone to have a nice time and please call me Candace." "And you can call me Dewey." He replies and I am relieved he's acting more normally now.The good news is that this is a more fun meet up so Mr Finn could probably get away with being a bit silly today. "It's so nice to finally meet you Mr Finn I'm Freddy's Mom." She holds out her hand politely."You too dude- I mean dudette- I mean do etiquette rules apply at this party? Everything is normal, that is until he finds Mr Finn and his Mom at the movies... Summer's POV: So Freddy had been away for almost the whole summer staying with his dad in Miami! Freddy and I video chatted everyday because my Mom said I couldn't stay with him over the summer while visiting his dad.

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"Hey Summer do you think you could go back to you're house to get more duct tape? I guess." I reply at his odd request but, my house was only a ten minute walk away.)My dad taught eighth and ninth grade math, while my mom taught typing and business classes.So from sixth grade on, I shared those hallowed halls with my folks. " "I don't know, she didn't give me a reason and she had to go to work late." Summer tries to cover up her sadness but I see through it Maybe I could just sneak out?YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Freddy Huerta's life is perfect. Since his parents got divorced Mrs Jones went back to being Miss Huerta and despite Freddy not being there I spent a lot of my time at his house spending time with his mom as she felt quite lonely.

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