Middle aged jewish dating sites

Moreover, we saw that many of these “experts” or matchmakers, gave advice freely or techniques to use to date better.

Nothing was research-based or had any concrete basis. We decided to actually do research as to what tools are available to be able to move forward in dating.

If you’re just looking for a hook-up app, this is not the app for you. Our app really gets to know the user, something which is uncomfortable if you just want a hook-up.

can actually meet someone who is truly compatible in a safe space, and get the support they need to move on to the next step.: We look at the long-run.We had gone to all the matchmakers, the so-called dating coaches, singles events, mixers, weekends, dating apps, workshops, you name it.But, aside from meeting hundreds of new faces, nothing was actually working.With a refreshing new twist on modern love that de-emphasizes superficial presentation and restores true connection, Breakthrough Dating proved the need for a serious dating app.I left my career in finance two summers ago to attend coding school, at which time Forj was born.

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