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Handsome, charming, and eloquent, and with a light beard of reddish-gray stubble, Hall will talk about death, both as a shadow in his own life and in the roles that have made him famous.

Having played one of television’s most radical and remembered gay characters, he will talk about "leaning in" to his own "fluid" sexuality, and the vexed cultural politics around the roles available for openly gay and trans actors and straight actors playing gay and trans roles.

’”His mother had subsequent relationships but didn’t remarry.

Hall doesn’t want to speak for her but thinks “she felt she had such a wonderful marriage, short-lived as it might have been, that she didn’t want to give energy to doing some lesser approximation.

He will talk about giving up alcohol, marijuana, and becoming a vegan.

And the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild winner will also remember David Bowie, who walked into his life (while Hall was working on Bowie’s final project ) smelling divine and holding a silver-tipped cane, and who died soon afterwards.

Though I had friends, I tended to gravitate to kids who were part of really big families so I could be a surrogate satellite member of a household that had more literal life in it.” He laughed softly. “More generally, the larger family and environment were somewhat repressive and puritanical. There was some impulse from a very early age to find an outlet for some sort of expression that went beyond somewhat restrictive boundaries.”Hall traces his acting career back to the age of 8 in a play he performed at church called Another acquaintance with death unfolded when his father, William, who worked for IBM, died when he was 11.

Not explicitly, but ebullience and enthusiasm were discouraged, a conditioning I have somewhat managed. “It was as fundamental as anything; fundamental in such a way that is hard for me to imagine the world in which he didn’t die,” Hall said.

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“I was just waiting to have enough distance between the external and internal impediments in admitting what I wanted to do and then announced it to myself.”His mother was nervous, though comforted herself that with a masters degree in acting he “could teach in a theater department somewhere.” She was never a stage mom, Hall said, and while she expressed her concerns about his ability to make a living as an actor, she allowed Hall’s enthusiasm to belong to him.“I was born into a family of two parents who had recently lost my sister, Julie, who was not yet 2,” Hall recalled.“She had a lot of developmental and physical problems and I think they knew she wasn’t long for this world, but she was in the world and did die and that was a very difficult thing for my parents.”Hall recalls photos of Julie in photo albums.For it to be all tidied up after that would have not been honest.For him to simulate his own death and extricate himself from the context of his life made sense to me. But there are no immediate plans to do that.”As well as plays like .

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