Mature and young dating four month rule dating

As much as you may be teaching him things, he’s also teaching you things.

He may have never been with an older woman, but maybe you've never been with a younger man.

Typically, males take longer to mature and their expected date of arrival into maturity is entirely up to when their small minds decide to become grown.

I don’t know if the idea of a woman finding an older man to take care of her stems from motherly advice or some old-age culture, but either way, shifts in Generation-Y culture show otherwise.

Do not let the opinions of others talk you out of doing what feels right to you.The dynamics of relationships have changed and for good reason, too.You can’t limit the possibilities that exist, or create a mold catered to your desires and expect everyone to fill it as you wish. What’s considered “normal” is no longer laid out in black and white.Why should the way we women spend our years be dictated by how a man spends his?If we’re just supposed to have fun and enjoy ourselves, I see no reason why the age of the men we date should matter.

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