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However, after the ending of the show, it was rumoured that Mathew and James had fallen out, despite the fact that they'd been such good friends whilst working on the show together. But incase you've been in hiding under a rock for the past few years, Corden has been doing pretty much EVERYTHING and has a majorly successful US TV programme - The Late Late show. She is arguably one of the funniest Welsh people to have ever lived, and since Gavin and Stacey Ruth has lived in Cardiff with her husband and three grown-up stepchildren.Thankfully, Mathew has now revealed that no-one needs to worry about the state of their relationship, saying in an interview with the BBC that the pair just slipped back into their old ways. Mathew's come a long way from playing good ol' Gav - he's now playing Young Mr Grace in Are You Being Served and continues to collaborate with James Corden on a number of projects which included hosting The Brits in 2009. The actress has also been appointed an MBE - go Ruth! Despite seeing him play Archie Mitchell in East Enders, we couldn't help but fall in love with Mick from Essex.“I know the film really well – I’m a big Dustin Hoffman fan and I also studied it at university,” says Mat.“It’s quite terrifying to embark on an adventure like that but the excitement and challenge outweighed the fear.“I’m from a working-class background – I went to school and did my best then studied drama at university, where I decided I wanted to fully focus on becoming an actor,” he says.“It was a real challenge to fulfil my dreams so I owe a lot to my mum and dad for supporting me.” Now living in London, Mat talks fondly of Nottingham.

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I loved playing him.” Mat studied at the Southwell Minster School before graduating with a drama degree from the University of Manchester.

Chatting to us about his latest role, Mat is in Cardiff and that means the name ‘Gavin’ is ringing in his ears.

“It’s funny talking about Gavin & Stacey because here I am in Wales, not too far from Barry Island getting recognised left, right and centre,” he laughs.

We loved her that she made to pretend to be a vegetarian up until the Christmas special where she finally told everyone she was eating meat - they all (minus Gwen) knew. "It’s amazing what James and Ruth have managed to do," he gushed.

Long gone are the days of Bryn as actor Rob has since gone on to star in Hollywood movies including The Huntsmen: Winter's War (he played Gryff) and he played Master Phineus in the real life version of Cinderella. "I’ve finally read the script, it really got me, I read the first little sequence and just found myself crying.

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