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If you are chosen, we will contact you and make all the wedding arrangements. Wealthy entrepreneur William, would like to have fun with you at his slaughterhouse. A black millionaire with charisma and dollars Women Seeking Men.——————————– Millionaire Madame Susanne seeks sophisticated stud.So go on Marry an Ugly Millionaire - and have a fairytale happy and mega-rich future. They want to find a partner that will love them despite their repulsive outward appearance. We have several options availible for all types of lifestyles. CONDITION: The girl must agree to marrying Cyril without meeting him and must marry him within six weeks.All marriages are covered by a Marry an Ugly Millionaire unique ninety day guarantee. They are looking for someone who is loving, caring, good fun to be with and most importantly incredibly sexy and attractive!! The people below applied to marry an Ugly Millionaire but were REJECTED!(IE no poor mingers need apply) No matter who your ideal partner is - find them right here - right now!!! Now they are seeking their very own ugly millionaires for love, marriage and becoming mega rich.Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with, here you'll be able to find exactly who you are looking for, locally or around the world. If you are rich and ugly why not search through the handsome hunks and beautiful ladies below and choose your Mr or Mrs Perfect.

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There you will find a profile on each of our millionaire clients.

For we are about to solve both your financial problems and your relationship problems with just a few clicks of the mouse! Within a few weeks the Millionaire will choose his or her future partner. All our weddings are covered by a ninety day emotion-back guarantee.

Welcome to Marry an Ugly Millionaire - the online dating agency created for people like you. A service that you will not find elsewhere on the internet. Then simply fill in the application form and soon you could have the love of your life and a fairytale marriage. NOTE: Okay we admit it - there are plenty of beautiful people using or online dating agency - so if you are looking for your dream mate you will also find them here!! Find the one that you would like to marry then complete the Application Form.

Then simply fill in the application form and soon you could be happily married. ) Self made millionaire Munchien der Dashwoune is an International Dog Breeder and Culinary Expert. This is an opportunity for love, romance and money that must not be missed!

He is urgently looking for an older women for marriage and international travel. Disclaimer: Marry an Ugly Millionaire Marriage Bureau and Online Dating Agency is part of the exclusive Rich Gentlemen's Club Dating Service that provides full escorted dating, wedding, divorce and funeral services to those who are absolutely loaded and are able to afford our excessively expensive, specialist services.

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