Lucas till and taylor swift dating

It's rumored this relationship is what started the ~bad blood~ between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.We definitely did get some great songs out of this one, though.It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonderstruck to meet her." After hearing Young's poetic way of speaking, it's no surprise Swifty reportedly wrote the song “Enchanted” for him.In the true fashion of a serial dater, Swift dated Gyllenhaal for only a few months (I guess there's a reason her last name is Swift).Taylor Swift was almost a certified cougar (kidding) for dating this 18-year-old fresh out of high school.She even bought a house next to the Kennedy compound while they were dating.And for the worst reason." Rest in Paradise, Number 5.

After choosing British actor Toby Hemingway to star in her “Mine” music video, Swift was spotted in 2010 with Hemingway on dates in several different cities. The glorious John Mayer relationship, which was perhaps the most famous of them all. The Taylors quickly became Hollywood's hottest couple and were hounded by the paparazzi all over Los Angeles. Will Joe Alwyn be next on Taylor Swift's breakup list?

While Taylor and Tom's relationship was in the public eye for quite some time, we sometimes forget about her life pre-Tom.

Taylor Swift has a long list of ex-lovers, so let's take a trip down memory lane and commemorate some of her forgotten relationships.

All I am sayin' is if she keeps dating musicians, she's not gonna be the only one who's singing about the relationship.

Serial dater Taylor Swift is back with another bae, and this time he's a British guy!

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