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Arayat, the towns boast of their high quality wood competent for global exportation.

Its unique halo-halo by Kabigting’s is what makes Arayat a cut above the rest when it comes to Kapampangan desserts.

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Arayat’s major celebration is the feast day of its patroness, St.

The town is the biggest in northern Pampanga, It is composed of 30 barangays/barrios namely: Arenas, Baliti, Batasan, Buensuceso, Camba (Kaledian), Candating, Cupang, Gatiawin, Guemasan, La Paz (Turu), Lacmit, Laquios, Mangga-Cacutud, Mapalad, Matamo, Palinlang, Paralaya, Plazang Luma, Poblacion, San Agustin Norte, San Agustin Sur, San Antonio, San Jose ( Mesulo), San Juan ( Bano), San Mateo, San Nicolas, San Roque (Bitas), Sto.

Arayat’s culture is a unique blend of its history, geography, customs and traditions.The fusses faced by the present day Arayat rooted from its controversial history.The origin of Arayat is still unknown but historical accounts show that it already existed between 13.The people of Arayat showed abhorrence to the coming of the Spaniards and other invaders.Arayat gained notoriety when it became the hotbed of many rebellious groups after the colonial war.

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