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Be advised that store brought baked goods in a sealed package are still allowed in school. They have an individualized boycott program so that each buyer can select from a list of countries those whose products they do not wish to buy.

It is much more efficient that the heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all type of boycott being promoted at the Co-op.

I'm sure they haven't been contributing their fair share. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Special-education students at Tooele High School in northwest Utah who rely on weekly bake sales to pay for field trips and supplies may have to go without.

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Melo's rusty and it takes a few games to play your way back into shape and get used to an offense with an entirely new flow.They have a few weeks in my view to gel as a team with everyone.I expect some losses in the interim (there's so little time in this shortened season to practice).trading melo for Howard (which we can drag in lakers so we get their bigs - bynum & gasol) or Deron (love Lin but if Melo is not a fit and we have to move him for top value, Deron is top value - ie we can always then trade Deron or Lin for something else).Of course, the best outcome is for Melo to gel (ie I rather stick with him and Lin than to hope a howard, bynum gasol, or Deron brooks,...).

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