Leo man dating a pisces woman

He is an avid listener and doesn’t mind stepping back.

Since she loves a good listener, this works out perfectly in this relationship.

She is compassionate and warm and has a forgiving heart for ones who really love her and sincerely ask for her forgiveness.

The exception to this is when she goes through her times of self-interests and egoism.

A Pisces man with his charming nature, mild kindness and passive resistance has the ability to calm his Leo woman.They both are capable of treating love as a high spiritual exaltation.He needs complete emotional fusion and a sense of mystical unity in the sexual consummation of love while she seeks more tangible fulfillment of warmth, affection and passion.The relationship of Leo and Pisces can be simultaneously fascinating and frustrating!Leo is direct and generous with affections while Pisces lover is probably just as generous, but the style, however, is different.

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