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This gave rise to popular guesses about pre-Islamic fertility cults as background to such perceived depictions.

Consequently, the rounded type 2 stones were attributed to female forms and graves.

We have come to know her as little Asahd Khaled’s mom. )Now, everyone wants to know more about Tuck beyond her husband and son.

While feminists everywhere are enraged that Khaled feels “the rules are different for men” and women should “praise the man—the King” by doing whatever necessary in the bedroom, he does not believe those sexual actions should be reciprocated. So, keep reading to know more about DJ Khaled’s wife with details from Nicole Tuck’s wiki.

About half of them are on the ridge which he calls "High Plateau" South and south-east of that are small groups of stones on several other ridges and hillocks.

At some distance there is another group of perhaps 150 stones which are distributed over a wide area on the south side of the mountain.

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But an old interview that has resurfaced has become polarizing. That turned the spotlight on Nicole Tuck, his longtime partner, wife, and “The Queen” of his Snapchat empire.

Such descriptions have added to the popularity of the site for visitors from distant parts of Iran.

The cemetery according to legend contains stones of people who were cursed by god for their sins and belonged to people who believed in fetishism centuries ago.

The cemetery was visited in 19 by the archeologist David Stronach.

He found over 600 standing stones which are spread out in several locations.

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