Kendra wilkonson dating

Patti told Star: Kendra and Hank are all about the ratings, so I knew they went there with a planned story line where, because of Hank’s infidelity, Kendra felt it was important to reconnect with her estranged dad.Just days before, I was picking her up off the floor, and now she can’t even tell me that she’s going to see her father, who left us — not to mention that she went with a guy who just cheated on her with a tranny. I would have never had the courage and the strength to go to my dad.By April 2018, Wilkinson confirmed the divorce rumors in a heartbreaking admission.

I was like, you know, 'Go out' — she was hanging out with people, people would text her — but I would rather that, than her sneak around and hide things," he said.After announcing she'd split with Hugh Hefner in October 2008, Wilkinson revealed the following month that she was engaged to Baskett. "[She] has met someone who she would like to spend the rest of her life with," he said in a statement (via Her relationship with Baskett moved full steam ahead, with the couple confirming in June 2009 that they were expecting a baby.They got married at the Playboy mansion just a couple of weeks after the baby news was confirmed.At one point, Kendra yelled at Hank and shouted that he’s leaving just like what her dad did to her. Then she yelled, “It’s divorce time.” Despite this, Kendra recently told Hollywood Live: He loves me and we’re gonna be together for the rest of our lives.

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