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He changed the band’s initial guitarist, Josh Brainard, in 1999 and is currently considered to be among the band’s primary songwriters.

He’s fluent in guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and additional percussion and offers been mixed up in music industry since 1991.

It was a black bondage masque that cloaked almost of his head.

He had violet hair at the time and accustomed pull parts of it up by a hole in the top off the masque.

After a couple of appearances and one photo shoot, he determined to change masks, as the bondage mask was too awkward to allow him to concentrate on playing guitar.

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At 6'6", he is the most long-legged member of the band.James and co-guitarist Mick Thomson arrange barter a few leads on the band's Vol 3 album (especially in The Pulse of the Maggots's solo), merely their music is otherwise nearly devoid of guitar solos.Guitars in Slipknot rarely acquire the spotlight, rather, Mick and James fill in the sonic territory not absorbed by the band's other seven members.All guitars in Slipknot are tuned up to 1 1/2 steps down from dropped D (Low to high, B, F#, B, E, G#, C#,) except for on the songs My Plague, The Heretic Anthem, Skin Ticket, New Abortion and Iowa, on which they are tuned to B tuning dropped A (Low to high, A, E, A, D, F#, B.) Standard tuning is used on prelude 3.0.James's working in Stone Sour concentrates more on building melodic metal anthems.

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