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“There are records where I’ve done a whole song or Joe [Trohman] has written an entire music bed, but we all get the same credit. Their new song “Uma Thurman” required the approval of the real Uma Thurman.If there’s four of us onstage, the four of us are receiving the same amount of credit, the same amount of money and the same amount of everything.” Many of their friends in other bands were shocked when they learned of the arrangement. “At lot has changed since Outkast released ‘Rosa Parks,'” says Pete Wentz.“As slow as it was, with all the touring and crappy clubs we played, we still never had time to stop and reflect.When we took a break, it finally gave us time to reflect and grow up.“We might have been able to get away with it under parody law, but we don’t know many lawyers.We do have a ragtag bunch of friends and someone was able to get it right to her and explain the vibe.” This still makes Stump crack up. “I can’t even imagine what she was saying when she heard it.” 3.Patrick has worked often with several artists in collaboration and has produced albums for others as well.Some internal problems in the ‘Fall Out Boy’ forced him to leave the band for quite some time and in that time, he released a solo album ‘Soul Punk’, an extend play titled ‘Truant Wave’ and went out on a US and Europe tour to promote the EP, which eventually was liked by people.

“I get so tired of people saying, ‘Oh, this is hurting the industry’ or complaining about whatever the new boogie man is this year,” says Stump.

You’re just pretending that you didn’t record the radio when you were a kid.’ There were always different avenues of getting music. The longer you hold onto the past the further the future moves away from you when you need to jump onto it.

You’re going from life raft to life raft instead of building a bridge, or even a fucking airplane.”4.

“People always think that whatever the new future is will put them in the poor house. I don’t think streaming has hurt anything, and I’ve discovered a lot of great bands that way.” Pete Wentz completely agrees.

I always hear these arguments and this anger and this vitriol, and I’m like, ‘That’s just bullshit! “If you’re going to deny those things exist and pretend you live in a vacuum, then you’re the guy who’s on the other side of the Roman Empire that hasn’t heard it’s all over yet,” he says. If you pull music off streaming, the kids are on You Tube. We should be a part of it, though the bigger artists need to speak out to make it equitable for smaller artists.

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