Is nicole richie dating nzimiro

Nzimiro, looking back, how did making that safari jacket challenge you? Nzimiro: "Oh man, the safari jacket - it hurts my soul looking back at it! It was one of my more intricate pieces so I'm actually proud of myself for getting it done in the timeframe that I got it done in.

But if I can go back, honestly and truly I wouldn't change anything to it.

And looking back, seeing what I was able to accomplish in a short period of time, it's exciting now to look forward to the future knowing that I'll have not just a week to finish a challenge but more time than that in order to create a collection, so it's really thrilling." Nzimiro: "That's pretty good Kara - I was going to say the same thing!

- but all in all it was Macy's and H&M." Ronnie: "For me, I started late.

Your designs are executed and shown to pretty much everybody on national TV and the buyers have been amazing, giving us criticism.

We always say having the mentors and buyers in one room, it's just surreal and amazing and for us to be able to accomplish all that in a short amount of time, it's been good for us with experience and exposure.

But whenever I put something on the runway, as long as I'm happy - if they send me home, I'll be happy." Who has been the hardest buyer for you to design for?

Kara: "I have to say, I love designing for Terron, I love designing for Saks, because I love luxury and to me that's just the niche where I love to design.

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