Is cupid a good dating site

They offer a “match percentage” for romantic relationships, and also for friends.

To accomplish this they ask multiple choice questions which you rate the importance of. Ok Cupid is owned by, so ignore banners trying to pull you over to Match, and get on with finding poly members.

1- Creation of a test account As I’m writing this, today is Sunday, 3rd of August 2014. I filled out some details about a fictional character named Thierry, aged 45, divorced, two children (15 and 12) who live with him every other week.

I added the following text: Hello I’m a french citizen. I deleted one previously because the woman could be my mother and was obese, obviously not a scammer but I did not want to display her face there.

In terms of matching, a lot of those multiple choice questions concern views on polyamory, open relationships, and jealousy.

You can get a deeper look at members when you sift through their answers. Why Ok Cupid Works for Those in Open Relationships Ok Cupid has become a favorite of the polyamory community.

If you’re looking to meet these people, you need to visit the sites they’re using.

I have recieved thoughtful messages from poly members at Ok Cupid; they detailed their arrangement and provided a link to their partner’s page. For more specific tips on finding poly love at Ok Cupid, check out Kit O’Connel’s: 7 part series about Polyamorous Dating On Okcupid.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Ok Cupid, you’ve probably been checking out some Ok Cupid reviews to see if it’s right for you.

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