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If it looks like you’re two steps ahead of us in that department – whether or not that’s true – we might be intimidated because we feel like we don’t have a chance. It sounds like you do have your shit together and that’s awesome.

There’s plenty you can do to put the people around you at ease without sacrificing your sense of fashion or driven nature.

” So you might want to be a bit more aware of your mood and how that may translate into facial expressions. ERIK: If I see you out somewhere, doing something responsible-looking while sporting a well-styled outfit and a motivated look, I’m going to assume you’ve got your shit together.

I think as guys it’s our general assumption that women are usually attracted to men who have their lives in order and live to a high standard.

I feel that I am always having to make the first move with guys and I would like to feel as though I am being pursued, instead of the other way around for once.

My advice: Keep smiling and being friendly, keep dressing well, don’t give up your ambition, and give your boyfriend a backhand upside the head for making as preposterous a statement as “because cute girls are scary.” Just…

you know, slap him playfully and smile when you do it. JOE: I think that your situation is a good one to be in – as you said, those traits that could come across as intimidating are all positive ones. Instead, just realize that, if you want men to pursue you, you’ll need to wait for a bolder, more confident man to appear in your life, but you’ll need to realize that such a man will also likely be able to easily get his choice of women who are less ambitious/organized/etc. Such a man might be tempted to go for the easy score, especially at the college level. you could accept that such confidence for men often comes a bit later in life, along with more maturity, and that, for now, you might need to be the one who does the asking. Don’t do so much to gain the first that you sacrifice the second.

We got to know each other when I struck up a conversation with him in the elevator, and again when we bumped into each other on campus.

After we’d been dating for a couple weeks he confessed to me that he’d liked me for a long time but was nervous to talk to me, “because cute girls are scary” and “what if you were a bitch?

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