Intimidating male actors

In 1929, he was forced into a car by three men, was beaten, stabbed, and left for dead on a beach.

He actually survived the attack, and residual scarring left him with the signature droopy eye with which we automatically identify the real Lucky Luciano.

Before this point in history, the government knew that the Mafia existed, but had no formal proof.

Joseph Valachi was the first to publicly admit that the Mafia does indeed exist.

Italian actor Infanto has been in over 90 Italian films, so we don’t know terribly much about him in the United States.

He seems to be quite popular in Italy, so we do have to go on the perception of his persona.

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He’d never been in trouble with the law and the persona of “tough guy” didn’t really catch on.Albert Anastasia: 10/10 Fausto Tozzi as Albert Anastasia: 7/10 Fausto Tozzi: 5/10 The real life Albert Anastasia is no one that anyone wanted to mess with.Even his enemies didn’t want to confront him head-on because they knew of the repercussions.The story is told that Valachi, while in prison, killed a man that he mistakenly thought was a Mafia assassin out to get him.The Feds got involved at this point and Joseph Valachi became the first ever Mafia informant.

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