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Since he had been small game hunting earlier in the day, Fortney had his loaded rifle nearby.

As the dogs approached, they assumed the group posture of a pack on a hunt.

This will help you identify emerging themes and possible counterarguments that you can incorporate in your research paper.

In the past I’ve made the mistake of using only content from either JStor or Proquest, which sets certain limitations on the content that I am working with.

But the start of the research process is probably the most difficult phase.

Luckily, next semester I will feel more at ease and more prepared with my next research assessment, as I have learned over the course of this semester various skills and tactics in regards to how to approach this intimdating investigation process.

To learn how to create an annotated bibliography, this set of instructions and tutorial video by Writing Commons that will guide you in the right direction.

With this information, you are better able to find gaps in the research and develop your own contribution by filling in the gaps or expanding on what already exists on the topic.

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This will help you attain information that comes from different perspectives.

Equip is an ability which generates a weapon and equips the hero with it.

Equip effects are the weapon equivalent of summon effects; while similar to playing a weapon card, the weapon generated is usually uncollectible, is not drawn from the player's deck, and does not incur its mana cost nor activate any Battlecry.

So let me help you, help yourself, with the following tips. Do not worry about coming up with a research question right away.

Learn how to do an advanced search to find the best quality and specific sources for your topic.

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