I have hpv and dating

It is vital to keep your immune system healthy to minimize the risk of re-activating dormant HPV that stay in your body.Boost your immune system by not smoking, exercising, and eat healthy – 2.It is important to understand that tested positive for HPV does not necessarily mean you will definitely have HPV symptoms like genital warts or cancers.For instance, most women will have an HPV infection during their lifetime, but very few get cervical cancer.” As such, even for monogamous marriage / relationship and couples with only one sex partner, the risk of HPV infection still exist because there are other ways that you can get HPV. CDC claims over 90% of HPV infections are cleared by the body itself within 2 years — According to Mc Gill University of Canada, it is estimated that the HPV infection will persist in about 1% of women, and it is these persisting infections that may lead to cancer.

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The human body will normally cure HPV itself, which is why most affected person never become aware of their HPV and it gets cured with time – but some aren’t as lucky.

So how long does HPV stay dormant in the human body with or without the person knowing?

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