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I am okay if a woman hates me, but I am not okay making her hate me.you can bet they’re not swiping right on Tinder either.They want to be able to be themselves without having to wear a pretense and know that they’re just accepted for who they are. I think a lot of people are just craving touch as well.We are in a world where people don’t really have physical contact anymore.I think there’s a dichotomy: We feel so connected because we have 800 friends on Facebook and our phones beeping with text messages every three minutes, so we have this illusion of connection.

actress), and it’s grown to be the largest, privately owned matchmaking company in the country.We don’t even really shake peoples’ hands, much less hug somebody.We are on our i Phones constantly and we don’t even really make eye contact.It might be just because they’re playing in their own back yard and they want to be a little more cautious, but local people, even if they’ve booked multiple hours, still want to order takeout or not go out because too many people know them and they don’t want questions.For people from out of town that’s not an issue, so they’re more relaxed in that sense.

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