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Because a webcam can see your face -- and maybe more -- there's nothing to stop a hacker from taking your photo and posting it on the Web.

Malware controls your camera the way you would if you were operating it manually.

Instead, they're hidden within programs that you install on purpose.

When a webcam hack occurs, Trojan malware finds a way to activate cameras and control them without the owner’s knowledge.

If nothing happens, start other programs until you discover the one that makes the LED blink.

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Hackers could monitor your home and perhaps learn when it's vacant and susceptible to robbery.While camfecting incidents aren't as widespread as regular virus infections, hackers do discover ways to hack into remote webcams and watch them.If you use a webcam and connect to the Web, it’s possible that someone may be watching you.The best way to handle a potential malware threat is to run a virus scan. If you own a wireless laptop that has a webcam, hackers can take control of its webcam as well.Minimize your risks when working in public Wi-Fi spots by connecting to secure networks you trust, keeping your laptop's security software updated and turning off your wireless network when you don't need it.

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