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The publication was concerned specifically with the objects and images found in the targeted collections and did not attempt to comment on or categorise heritage sites or buildings.This revised edition builds on the first, with revised content and updated information, particularly with respect to recommendations regarding environmental parameters best suited for particular material types. The original text was compiled by the WA Museum's Department of Materials Conservation in 1998, edited by Ian Godfrey and David Gilroy.This updated version provides an in-depth range of information for both institutions and individuals caring for collections.was to provide a basis for an holistic approach to the care and conservation of movable cultural material held in small museums, National Trust houses, historical societies and private collections.As such the layout and content was designed with these client groups in mind and it was not intended to be the definitive conservation manual.High humidity in the tropics and salt-laden air in coastal regions are typical examples which should receive extra consideration.

The application of high-powered analytical techniques and conservation practices including combined gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the synchrotron, laser scanning and associated technologies, 3-D printing and nanotechnologies has pushed conservation to incredible levels and will continue to do so into the future.

For this reason, the focus of this revised edition has remained on practices and techniques that are simpler and more generally accessible.

Information has been presented on a range of levels suitable to both institutions and individuals.

Although these factors must be considered by those responsible for a collection they are not covered in detail in this book.

It is important to know from what materials an object is made and their susceptibility to the various causes of decay.

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