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Once upon a time, subscribing to either You Tube Red or Google Play Music got you both services — plus You Tube Music — but when You Tube Music relaunched last year alongside You Tube Premium, the pricing and "who gets what" got a little more complicated.If You Tube Music isn't available yet, it may soon be — each country has its own copyright, media, and streaming laws that Google has to deal with when expanding the service — but we don't know what will happen to subscribers if You Tube Music doesn't reach their countries before Google Play Music is shut down.It’s a possible explanation, as the Podcasts app is a shell icon that lets you use the feature within the Google app.

Artist Hub, the mechanism that indie artists used to manage and distribute their songs through the Google Play Music subscription catalog and Google Play Store, was shut down April 30.I rebuilt a chunk of my library in You Tube Music and have been slowly building it out between discovering songs through Your Mixtape and adding music when I get a craving for it.If you don't want to rebuild the library — or worry about merging them down the line — then be patient and keep using Google Play Music for now.So long as you keep paying for your current subscription, you should not be charged more.Yes, if you live in a country both services are available in, then your Google Play Music subscription should include You Tube Music, and you can try out the service right now.

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