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Plus, we can make an educated guess based on Colton's social media activity alone—seriously, the man loves the like button, and it's super revealing.

First off, Colton liked THIS recent photo about Cassie talking about hometown dates.

)—but Reality Steve predicts that Colton sensationally goes to her after sending Tayshia and Hannah G. Well, all signs are currently pointing to: Yes, Cassie and Colton are still together.

home, tells Cassie he wants to be with her, and they ultimately decide to date each other. Thanks to some eagle-eyed social media fans, the expert Amanda Mitchell, who's already done a deep dive on who ended up with Colton based on social media, here are the biggest hints from social media and elsewhere to make an educated guess.

Far from them feeling your absence, they are annoyed by your presence!

So it’s impossible for them to miss you or feel the loss that they should feel following a breakup if you want them to come back to you. This places you at a polar-opposite point from your ex following the breakup.

They will often say that there is no chance of getting back together in order to try to prevent you from making it more difficult for them.

The good news for you is that at this point they are so dead set on breaking up with you that what they say is often not what they will feel in the near future – especially if you follow the strategies explained on my site or in my Emergency Breakup Kit.

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They feel it then and they are saying it to prevent you from getting your hopes up and because they are tired of you chasing them or don’t want you to start.

It means that your ex felt that in the moment or wanted to say that to prevent you from annoying them with calls, texts, etc.

They could also be saying it to prevent getting your hopes up because they don’t want to hurt you further.

He hasn't liked any other recent posts of Cassie's—although, to be fair, he has also liked posts by other bachelorettes.

After Caelynn put up an emotional post after she went home, he liked that as well. Also, Colton has been liking posts from Gregg Sulkin, who just happens to be Cassie's sister's boyfriend.

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