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When a musician loses his or her job, it's because the other band members have been forced to make a choice.

A band is a unique environment: one third team, one third business, one third family.

For the drug addict, a simple "just say no" is insufficient.

The nature of their illness is such that they have not naturally developed the kind of rational self-control that allows most people to remain free of addiction.

It would be wonderful if we lived in a world free of drugs and drug addiction, but until that day arrives musicians may find themselves inadvertently working with others who have become victims of this very serious illness.

Some people have what is known as an addictive personality - a predisposition to become dependent on a certain lifestyle, or substance.

Examples are compulsive eaters or gamblers, those who accumulate excessive debt, and drug addicts, who become addicted to substances.

do not realize that certain market conditions allow for these systems to work while other times the same very systems continue to fail.

Most mechanical systems that are available today are based on indicator readings and do not take into account the mass psychological behavior or the professionals view of the market, nor the 'news' which may show in the form of sudden volatility spikes creating panic for the trader following this mechanical system.

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