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I think the Devil made South Carolina, and God made Minnesota." "There's no place like home " said anoth- er, "(iood-bje dysentery, I am going to stay in Minnesota." The superiority of Minnesota, ia beauty, bea Uhfulness and fertility seemed to be the favorite topic ot these heroes of the great Anabasis. of course, a pleas- ant ft^ature of the celebration, and a source of unmixed comfort to the stran- gers whom he "took in." The same should be uaid ot Mr. He has now some six hundred acres in wheat, which ia more than he could handle conveni- ently in the past few years, when labor was scarce. AH persons availing themselves of the advantages of the expedition will, I trust, see the importance of remitting to me here promptly by express, such sums as the Cir- cular specifics, as it is from this alone that I must prepare and provide for the outfit and wants of the expedition.

Kellecti Dg that these joi:ng peo[le, and such as these, form two-ttiirds of our entire population, we could not help thinking what a splendid race ol Minnesotians was blossoming in these prairie homes. The dinner consisted of an old-fash- ioned basket pic-nic, gotten up with that liberality for which the ladies }f Anoka are proverbial. The Republican says there was no for- mal celebration at Winona. Patriotic and amusing responses wera also made to other sentiments by Hon. The route ol march I shall take will lay through a fine game and well watered region, free from any danger to an organized party and not more than seven hundred miles from the rendezvous at St. I shall aim to start about tbe 27th or '28th of the present month ; and from all tho prospects before nie, I cannot conceive of any obstacle to the entire success of the ex- pedition. w WOULD RBSPBCTFDLLT oa U tbe atteatl OB of oar old aastoi Mra, aad the pabllo geaera Uy to tbe fo Uowlag advar Uaaaia Bt, ooaaprising some of tbe leadlag artloles, wblott. Suffice it to say that the Fair is a pei feet success, and re- flects great credit upon Wisconsin, it be- ng the State to inaugurate this noble enterprise. AIVTHONY, Aad desire to oa Utba attention of buyers to tboir Imineiise Stocl£ of LMTTKB, MOTE AKP CAP PAPBB. AT ABD ALL KIHD8 Of WRAPPINO PATBBS, PRINTERS' AND Wltl TISQ IBK* AND FLUIDS, i ENS, PENCILS, *0„ h H. Your humble servant ex- pecta to bring it home — "in a bom" — as bis prize in the lottery. • packages, assorted brands, Plag Tcbeeeo, CUTTER, SECOMBE & CO., HAVK MSTABtl SHSD A WHOLESALE PAPER WAREHOUSE IB t Usetty, la ooaaastio B with tbelr JPi Ll PEH MJLL, r N ST. free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.

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