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The busiest hours on the free chat line are between 10pm and 2 am daily, with Saturday night/Sunday morning being the busiest day part.Telephone chatlines and telephone dating lines sprang up in early 1981 in California.There are, unfortunately, guys that could get violent if they found out the woman they’re dating had that special surprise between their legs. Make sure you do your research, and only use sites that offer shemale options.The internet offers a safe place where they can chat with men, and build up trust. A lot of dating sites out there don’t have shemales at all!First of all, the problem with looking for shemales is it’s hard to tell them apart from naturally born women – so how do you ? Why do shemales use dating sites to find their perfect man?

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You love fabulous feminine females who have the best of both worlds.

So make sure you are on a site that has the type of woman that YOU want!

What’s the next step when you find a shemale you like?

Typically the local phone company would bill callers, (who would call the chat lines) and then split the revenue with the owner of the chatlines.

The typical split was 60% for the phone company, 40% for the chat line owner.

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