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Cologne even has a drive-in brothel located on the outskirts of the city where you can get a legal service in your car.Prices for sex vary considerably with street prostitutes charging as little as €30 and some escorts having rates of €500 per hour.You can find sex for sale across Cologne from small studio brothels to Europe’s largest mega brothel, Pascha, as well as sex saunas, cruising cinemas and swinging clubs.You can also get an erotic body rub, enjoy a strip show or explore the fet scene in one of the city’s BDSM dungeons.With its warm climate, rich cultural entertainment scene and plentiful supply of carnivals, it is a popular European tourist spot.

We find out more about street prostitution (plus the relevant local laws), swinging and even the best sex shops.Rates for services can be negotiated with individuals directly but you can expect to pay around €50 for a quick session.Pascha is definitely an experience that every man should have under his belt and is well worth spending some time here.Hornstraße 2, 50823 Cologne first high-rise brothel, Pascha was opened in 1972 as a means to condense the city’s red-light district into one area.The building covers a total space of 9000 m floor).

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