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Unfortunately, these resources would have been wasted even if they were distributed a year before the disappearance of Holly Jones- Michael Briere, the individual responsible for the murder of Holly Jones, never had a criminal conviction and so would never have been on the sex offender registry.When a seven-year-old American girl named Somer Thompson vanished in 2009 police immediately questioned registered sex offenders living in the area.Stephenson's 11-year-old son was abducted and murdered in 1988.(Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)Sweeping changes to the national sex offender registry and the national DNA database are intended to make them more effective tools for police in tracking and preventing sex crimes, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said Monday.Going through the registry takes police resources that would otherwise be spent investigating clues and tips and going door to door Four weeks after the disappearance of Holly Jones the Ontario government announced that itwould give Toronto police an extra 0,000 to monitor sex offenders.Security Minister Bob Runciman says Holly's murder was the catalyst for the additional resources.Inclusion will not be based solely on the nature of the offense, regardless of the factual circumstances, regardless of severity or risk of re-offense, nor will it differentiate between violent or nonviolent offenses.

Judges will no longer have the discretion to not place an individual on the registry.have little or no discernible effect on recidivism or public safety.The most prevalent threat to the public comes from those who have not yet offended or have not yet been identified and caught." Canadian politicians are certainly not ignorant of the research; much of it having been established by its own departments.He has been researching international sex offender registries for 10 years, and uses the example of the case of 10-year-old Holly Jones, who was abducted and murdered in Torontoin 2003.The perpetrator ended up being someone who wasn't on Ontario's registry.

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