Forget about dinner dating Cam sexy free trial

My motto is that to find the one you need to be the one.

A: The Meet to Marry Method™ is principled step-by-step approach that clears away the barriers to love.

As a smart, successful, self-aware, and stuck single for more than 15 years, I always attracted the wrong men.

I was relationship challenged and didn’t how to change my reality and find healthy love.

I had a big breakthrough that set me on a new path where I turned inward in a new way that changed everything for me.

With this new wisdom and new “way of being” I created my own method--one that contracted a lot of the conventional, well intended yet bad dating advice that I’d been receiving--and got myself on a new and inspired path to meeting and marrying my most amazing husband and partner, Michael, 11 years ago.

Another mistake is not really being open in the way that’s most important when it comes to finding healthy lifetime love--vulnerable.I did all of the right things—I went to therapy, attended personal growth seminars and prayed--and even with all of that, my dating and relationship experience didn’t change.I was confused and lonely in spite of the fact that things looked good externally: I had great life with lots of friends and was running a successful recruiting and career coaching company.These things do not happen when you meet for a drink.​It could also be that my​ best dates have, invariably, been drink dates.

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