First dating violence trial

Milwaukee police were sent to two separate domestic violence-related battery calls involving Tucker and Jones in December 2016. As the two struggled, Jones, came into the bedroom and shouted: "Don't shoot my daddy," according to the criminal complaint.

Tucker aimed the pistol at her father and shot him before turning around and shooting her in the chest, the complaint says.

Police found a loaded .22-caliber pistol inside the vehicle.

In an interview with police, Tucker said he found the gun two weeks earlier and carried it for protection.

In the report, police wrote: "Tucker admits he was out of control, he knows he needs help, and that he has a anger management problem." Sixteen months later, Jones and her 1-year-old daughter went missing.Soon after the party, she had talked to Jones on the phone.Her daughter said she would come back "if they let me come home," which alarmed her mother.The group meets weekly to take a deep dive into cases in which victims are at the highest risk of lethal violence.Some of the high-risk warning signs are strangulation, access to guns and violent episodes that escalate in severity and frequency.

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