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“I just started getting really worried yesterday thinking about somebody leaving these things perhaps in a place where children could access them, pull the corks or break the seal and maybe smell or ingest these things,” James explained.James still has some of Johnson’s collection from his time in Wiseman, including business licenses dating back to the 1920s.He brought them with him when he left for medical school in 1948.

Some of the items taken were destined to return to the village of Wiseman, where they were collected nearly 70 years ago.

She still intends on making the trip to donate them. She asks that anyone with knowledge of the box and its contents bring it to the police department or another location where it will be safe. Homer Police could not be reached for comment in time for this story.

My research lies at the intersection of Geology, Ecology, and Climate Science.

Gaglioti’s National Geographic Explorer Page 2016-2020: Alaskan Tundra Fires during a Time of Rapid Climate Change Funded By: Joint Fire Science Program Principal Investigator: Daniel H. Co-Investigators are Benjamin Jones (UAF); Benjamin Gaglioti (UAF); Eric Miller (BLM Alaska Fire Service)JFSP Project ID: 16-1-01-8Wiles, G.

(2019) Timing and causes of coastal Alaska glacier advances during the 19th century as documented by tree-ring dating and historical accounts.

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