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From Google Promo (GOOGLEPROMOASIA) 1 517-826-4723 Congratulation!

Your mobile # won 1 MILLION USD in the GOOGLE PROMO.

In other cases, the scammers may claim that their scam message is from a real lottery entity such as the UK’s National Lottery.

Again the scammers use the names and details of these lottery entities without their permission or knowledge.

Within hours of providing the info, this reporter received an email from someone named “Keira Watson” who worked in the “Vehicle Inspection Department” at a company called WXX Stormonth Logistics.

The scammers often claim that the prize or promotion is connected to a high-profile company such as Google or Microsoft.

The scammers use the names, and, sometimes, the logos and trademarks of such companies without permission as a means of making their claims seem more legitimate.

These unsolicited text messages claim that the recipient’s mobile phone number has been selected as the winning entry in a lottery or promotion.

The texts claim that the “lucky” recipient has won a substantial sum of money or, in some versions, a valuable prize such as a car.

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