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Side-band peaks, attrributed to organic radicals, also occur on either side of the dating peak.The differences between the enameloid signal in the shark and the enamel signal in mammalian enamel suggest that shark enameloid contains more organic matter and may be formed differently in the developing embryo from mammalian enamel.Now turn the process around; if you know the average dose per unit time, and the total dose from the luminescence, then you know the time period of exposure.This is the fundamental process behind luminescence dating TL and OSLas well as electron spin resonance ESR dating, which uses a different technique to achieve the same result.

of Chemistry, Williams College, Williamstown, MA 01267, (3) Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Nat History, 79th St.

The ages are con-sistent with the paleomagnetic data, which show that the Donggutuo Palaeolithic site lies just below the onset of the Jaramillo normal subchron (0.99-1.07 Ma).

Furthermore, our results indicate that the reliable ESR dating range of bleached quartz using Ti-Li centre can be effectively extended to 1100 ka and the Ti-Li centre was zeroed before the last deposition, which requires improvement of the understanding of the bleaching mechanism conditions.

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