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A panda at the Berlin Zoo gave birth to two cubs on Saturday.

The tiny pink twins are the first giant pandas born in Germany.

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Bob and Shirley Hansen, who anchored their boat several hundred feet away, saved five men, soaked and shivering, from the water, as they looked helplessly at the flames.In just 19 months, nine people have been exonerated. A new app allows people to put their faces into movies and TV shows by uploading a single photo.One user posted a video on Twitter saying he was able to become Leonardo Di Caprio in under eight seconds by using the Chinese app, Zao. But it raises new concerns that fake videos are becoming too realistic – and that your face could be used for anything.A recent survey found that 20% of kids ages six to 17 did not read any books at all during the summer of 2018.That number has been growing – in 2016, it was 15%.

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