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Psychological and social impact of inter-ethnic conflict (former Yugoslavia); Issues faced by refugees displaced from war zones; War related trauma and narrative approaches to working with PTSD patients Respiratory disease; cystic fibrosis; asthma; child health; rheumatoid arthritis; youth sport; exercise dysfunction in chronic disease; exercise in individuals with chronic disease (particularly children); elite rugby.The researchers from Austria and Germany made the spectacular find in the library of Melk Abbey.His collecting and social connections are intertwined: Mr. Hervé [Guibert] was a French writer and photographer who passed away from AIDS. Grandmother and Grandfather Phillips are in another. Other than my grandfather, art to me growing up — and I grew up near Yosemite — was Ansel Adams. You were raised around great photography; you had an artist in your family; now you collect art and are friends with artists. Wade Guyton’s a friend and I’ve always loved his work.

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Yet Allana sat in the fire embracing the experience as a spiritual teacher.

When Brian Phillips came to New York in 1998, he quickly gravitated toward the downtown art and fashion scenes and, through internships at Paper, Elle and Visionaire, connected with other aspiring, boundary-smudging tastemakers and haunted contemporary art hot spots. Among them were Adrian Rosenfeld, now a San Francisco gallerist, who introduced him to a number of significant artists, and Nathalie de Gunzburg, chairwoman of the Dia Art Foundation, who, he said, “has one of the most phenomenal collections I’ve ever seen.”Although he arrived to study architecture at Columbia, his career took a different turn and he founded Black Frame, an agency that represents clients in the arts, architecture and fashion. Phillips favors contemporary art and photography, often created by artists he has met, including Paul Lee and Matt Saunders. Sometimes I seek out artists after I’ve acquired the works. One of the first works I acquired was by the artist Matt Keegan and is a small photographic collage of Humberto Leon, my best friend. The work distilled the intimacy of their relationship.

His taste in art is strikingly personal and he has acquired several homoerotic pieces. I’d say that photograph above your mantel explains what you mean by “undercurrent of eroticism.”Indeed. He took a very folksy approach to painting that reminded me of Bob Ross.

Christine Glaßner from the Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences came across the fragment during her research.

She finds that the text “at its core is an incredibly clever story, because of the very fact that it demonstrates that you cannot separate a person from their sex”.

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