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“Research suggests that secret relationships can be corrosive,” Baker says.

She recommends breaking the news with an announcement that’s brief and to the point by saying something like, “Yes, we had a date, but I’d like to keep that between us, if you don’t mind.” You can even do the same with your manager if you have a friendly rapport.

“But when love is no longer in the air, our offices are the first they visit after consulting friends and co-workers.” After all, who wants to go on a sales call with their ex?

“Over the next years, you’re going to see workplace romances increasing,” Heathfield says.

You should also think twice about pursuing a relationship with someone in the same department.

Even if you’re on the same level, dating someone on your team can still hurt your career.

“I think it’s because in this particular era, people don’t do the centralized socializing outside of work that they might have done in past years.”If you’ve struck up a romance with the new hire down the hall, here’s what to know to keep your career intact.

Dig out your employee handbook and check your company’s specific policy.

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