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The result is something as sincere and funny as it is heart-rending, a self-aware, deeply humanistic game whose witty script makes even the most groan-worthy dad puns seem to sparkle.It’s a subversion of dating sims that is not just the best dating sim I’ve ever played but also one of the best games of the year.

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The heartaches and emotional wounds of the men you pursue are not obstacles to be overcome en route to sex, but rather fragments of real humanity that make them even more lovable—and often force you to reexamine your own intentions.But its subject matter—dads—also touches a nerve that resonates with just about everyone.“Dads are such a universal, emotional thing for people, whether you have a good or bad relationship with your father, or no father in your life,” Gray says.“We were determined to not make any of the dads' individual paths their sexuality or have their sexuality be their defining trait," Gray says."We can have narratives that are about queer people that are not necessarily about being queer.

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