And there’s quite a simple explanation for it: you have coffee/go for dinner or drinks with people you like – so if you like them you also like treating them, and they like treating you.

So as long as you don’t suggest splitting the bill you’re good.

She later slammed the convict-turned-model Meeks as he was once again pictured with Chloe at a swanky jewellery shop in Beverly Hills.

You don’t even get leather seats unless you spend at least £3k on extras.

“She felt really betrayed when Jeremy left her and it hurt seeing pictures of him with Chloe - jetting all over the world and hanging out on yachts.

DJ was dating Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Granville, 45, but the couple split up in January.“Now she’s moving on and has found her own billionaire to have some fun with.

The whites demanded independence from Southern Rhodesia (Rhodesia from 1964).1964 - Malawi and Zambia independent from UK; Zambia was Northern Rhodesia.

Guyana independent 1967 - French Somaliland changes to Afars & Issas (Fr.) 1968 - Equatorial Guinea independence.


After his release from prison, 6ft 1 Jeremy claimed to have found God – and became a successful model.If you take a walk through Croatian downtowns during working hours you might be surprised by the amount of people in bars and restaurants.TAKE INITIATIVE A scenario in which a Croatian chick approaches a guy, asks him out on a date or makes a first move is highly unlikely.No one wants to slate an Alfa – it’s like suggesting the Nativity could do with ditching the donkey.The Stelvio Pass, or Passo dello Stelvio as it’s known in its mother tongue, is one of the most dramatic and beautiful mountain roads in the world, comprised of a hatful of hairpin bends.

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