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How cardinal intends to change his personal life, the singer says, however, own children, Dima, in his Frank admission, while also not plans.

The fans of Dima Bilan liked his posts on social networks, where next to Dima — Alexander Evgenevich Plushenko, the son of the famous ice artist and Yana Rudkovskaya.

In 2000 came the first clip of the singer “Autumn”.

During his studies Victor Belan showed their creativity. Already decided the creative biography of the artist.

There were numerous photos of Dima and Yulia in the media, however, reviews of the famous artist to them was not.

But there was a reason for speculation and numerous assumptions about future personal life of Dima Bilan.

Famous musician, singer and composer Dima Bilan, in 2018 received the title of Honored artist of Russia. , the city of Ust-Dzheguta) was his pseudonym, but in 2008 he changed his passport data.

Fame came to the singer shortly after the Eurovision song contest (2006), where he first was the second, with the single “Never Let You Go”, and then in 2008 became the winner, performing the single “Believe”. His name is associated with a lot of awards, professional and public.

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The famous singer likes to make his family gifts: mom and dad he gave 3 apartments, uncle — car and a plot of land in a prestigious area, and his beloved older sister — 1 well bedroom apartment and a car. Dima Bilan and his younger sister Anna Belan Biography Dima Bilan reflects the development of the country in the most difficult period of its formation. Then his family began to live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, and soon the last meeting — in may.Dima Bilan and Yulia Tereshchenko Such confidence, oddly enough, caused a seen in the photo, nestled next to Diminue, someone’s lady parts.So what are these indicators and to whom it became known that the owner of bare feet — this is Pauline, history is silent, but today fans of the wonderful talent of the singer believe that the new darling of the singer, and possibly his future wife, Dima Bilan, became Pauline.Dima has his great friend, uncle — Belan, Viktor Mikhailovich, with whom he always maintains a warm, family relationship. 1980) — she is currently a designer working on a family brand BELAN.Her husband is a lawyer, Gennady Zimin; Anna Belan (b.

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