Dd wrt no ip not updating

Apparently its been an issue for quite some time according to my logs which i just went into a checked.My IP just hasn't changed in so long as to make the point moot.I just installed 10328 to try to correct this problem and I'm still having the issue.

dd wrt no ip not updating-56

My username is NPeelman but it gets stored in the router as npeelman.The hardware versions I am experiencing this on are as follows: WRT54GL v1, WHR-G54s, WRT54G v3.1 and a WRT54GS v2. t=35773 are experiencing problems using DDNS with in v24 SP1.I would appreciate it if you wouldn't just blow this off.The router still works and updates just for some reason it says this.It does need to be fixed though and it would be nice if the powers that be would do that.

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