Dating your fender bassman Justin hawk xxx cam

You'd have to judge from the cosmetics and other design features like handles to decide which decade it was made.

If the speaker dates to 1965 that just means the cab could not be an OLDER model than that.

So it gives you a ROUGH idea of the very oldest model the cab could be.

Speakers are bulky and take up lots of room so they would not have been warehoused like smaller parts like pots, caps and tuners for long.

The first thing to do before buying new speakers is decide what amp is going to be pushing them.Most speaker manufacturer codes common in Fender Guitar & Bass amplifiers and cabs are as follows: 67 = EMINENCE (this is a two digit manufacturer code) 73 = JBL (2 digit code) 137 = CTS 220 = JENSEN 285 = ROLA 328 = UTAH 391 = ALTEC LANSING 433 = CLEVELAND 465 = OXFORD 649 = ELECTRO-VOICE 1098 = PYLE (another 4 digit code) Hope that helps! OK the numbers I came up with on the speakers were: 023119 465-808 12T6-9 Then on the wood frame of the cabinet was FO11368 So if I'm reading this right it would be 8th week of 1968 and the speakers are Oxford. I wonder if there is a cabinet code because mine ended in "68" Also there was a number on the bottom of the outside cabinet "P37277" JPMac That is what I would say about the speakers.465 = Oxford Last 2 digits 08 is the week so 8th week and 8 is left to be 1968. I really don't know about the cabinet stamp ending in "68" for sure but that would almost be too much of a coincidence to not mean it was made in 68.So lets decode speaker with code of 2207147 That is a Jensen made the 4th week of 1971.If it was 220603 That would be a Jensen made the 3rd week of EITHER 1956 or 1966.

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