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Over the last few decades, online dating – as a service and an industry – has completely blown up.

We’ve come a long way from the times when internet chatrooms were the bread and butter of web-based dating.

However, there are two conflicting definitions of a puma (as the term refers to women) and the word appears to have different meanings in the U. Despite Moore's attempt to use the terms interchangeably, a puma is widely regarded as a woman under 40 who prefers younger men while the cougar label is applied to women in their 40s and 50s who seek out younger male companions who are at least 10 years younger and often half their age.

Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston has long been associated with the term due to her relationships with younger men, most notably John Mayer (nine years younger).

Our assuredness stems from close to a decade in the online dating business.

It’s also backed by our sophisticated approach to matchmaking, a system that combines the latest technologies with psychological insights.

But, ultimately, women continue to push back on old taboos and seek out the romantic partners of whatever age they want.

Looking to get familiar with cougar dating but unsure of where to start? At Elite Singles, we focus on providing you with a premium service that’s easily tailored to meet your needs.

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As online dating has grown exponentially, so too has the amount of dating sites out there.And one of the more recent pockets of the dating universe to gain popularity is cougar dating.You’ve probably heard about it; a slightly crass moniker for older women dating younger men.And 48,000 single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind them." While the image of the puma as a single woman interested in an older, experienced and possibly divorced man seems to be growing in the UK, there is no evidence that this new meaning is embraced or even recognized in the U. Yet, the picture of a young, nubile woman dating a seasoned man is far from uncommon.Society continues to put labels on what women desire, whether referring to older or younger partners.

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