Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

It has never been said, in this regard, that you may have money problems and buy top-notch clothing (just as it is important to impress Mi Jin).

Jin Sung had known Mi Jin since childhood, and yet he had liked her.

It's not true - there's no reason for me to see him and I don't even know his contact information." Dispatch released a statement that they didn't publish an exclusive report and that it was photoshopped.

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Eventually Jin Sung found a rather interesting box, one of the activities Mi was attending at the time, and as he had talent and liked it, he diligently trained to further enhance his talent for fighting style and may also be able to protect My Jin.Jin Sung is seen mostly with a serious and severe face when sober and rarely smiles (unless he is with Mi Jin).He has very sharp facial features, which when combined with its high height, easily intimidate most people.associated with Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara's marriage is photoshopped.Someone photoshopped the front page of the website.

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