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The two things that you need above all for swagger are good posture and a good smile.These are things that you can and should practice in front of your bathroom mirror.Swagger Lesson 5: Approach Boldly Put all that swagger into practice. It costs just one dollar and you can instantly start leveling up your social game with basic, down-to-earth advice that any man can use on his quest to the holy swagger grail.The next time that you’re out at a bar or club, the second that you see a woman that you want to talk to, walk up to her and start talking. There are few better ways to show how to have swagger than by being the guy who approaches boldly and right away. AJ Harbinger is one of the world’s top relationship development experts.When you speak to women, try angling your body away from them and leaning in when they talk. This takes some of the pressure off of each of you, while also communicating a bit of swagger by showing that you’re not seeking her approval. Are you a big, lumbering bro who loves beer and football?

Put simply, swagger is just a series of behaviors, one that any man can learn and cultivate. Simple things like walking tall and smiling will give you greater confidence.

On Jan 5, 2019 the Misfits uploaded a video titled christmas but it's scuffed, most of the video is just the misfits having fun on christmas but at in the video I noticed someone..

You see at the time I was a fan of Hey Im Bee but didn't really know who Swagger Souls was, but soon became a big fan of his as well and learned a bit about the two of them from their videos, I also became a fan of the Misfits all together and started watching their podcast and eventually found the Misfits You Tube channel which at the time didn't have much content but eventually they started to actually upload on it (here's where it gets real spicy).

I'd also like to bring up the fact that Hey Im Bee doesn't live there, so that can't be the reason she's there so much, It's probably because Swagger Souls is inviting her there .

And their other social media's give even further proof like Hey Im Bee's Instagram, such as posts like this where Hey Im Bee is eating dinner at the Misfits house (a photo that I believe Swagger Souls probably took but I can't prove that) or the photo OP posted which is Hey Im Bee wearing Swagger Souls helmet?

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