Dating spalding golf clubs

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve £31.50 for 6 loose £60.00 for 12 loose For further details please refer to item X007 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page. The Ouimet mesh pattern replica ball approved for play at all classic hickory golf events. model long-nose Putter c.1905 A very rare alloy head putter first produced in 1899. There is also a page listing rare and unusual clubs made from 1850 to 1899 for the discerning collector who just wishes to admire these items of golf history. Patrick (Leven) 13 degree bulger-face Driver c.1920 An elegant 13 degree driver restored to play condition. Bulger Brassie fitted with a special patent 'revolving grip' c.1927 A rare and collectable patent brassie in original condition having a special grip with a revolving lower section which is operated by fitting 20 separate plastic washers. A new 1920's style canvas & leather bag to carry 6 to 8 clubs. The head has a very nice wood grain pattern clearly stamped with the makers name. Item W029C Price £125.00 Alex Patrick (Leven) Gun Metal Mallet Head Putter with steel face insert c.1900 A fine putter very similar in style to the Anderson ' Zozo' model. Accessories such as Canvas & Leather Bags, Head Covers and New Mesh & Dimple Balls are also available for hickory play. The club was designed to try and stop the tightening of the player’s right hand at the top of the back swing. But how would you know if what you are looking at is truly made of wood without asking the seller or owner?

That is so as these clubs are full of history and no manufacturers of today can and will imitate them, making these antique golf clubs values higher than the usual.There should also be an insert made of wood that sticks out, but not protruding, up on the top of the grip.Consequently, if what you see there is a fridge magnet, you are looking at a golf club with a very low value.Please refer to the Shipping, Payments & Returns Policy page to view all our postal rates for UK and worldwide deliveries. The Mills Patent BSD 1.5 Model Spoon-Driving Iron c.1910 A beautiful and rare alloy headed Driving Iron. All items are carefully packed and can be despatched to most parts of the world including UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. Item P0005A Price £235.00 Alex Patrick (Leven) ' The Robbie' wooden mallet head Putter c.1910 In total original condition, this club can still be used for play or will make a fine display item.

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