Dating someone with the same zodiac sign

To make it work, you’ll have to make some adjustments, but “if you’ve both done the requisite self-awareness work, you can make a formidable team when you pool your strengths,” write the Astro Twins.Having a relationship with someone five signs away from your own will teach you how to become more selfless and vulnerable, creating a bond that melds you two together—if you put in the work, that is.Signs opposite each other on the zodiac wheel can actually have a lot in common.This makes you two an amazing team, each with specific responsibilities and complementary qualities to offer the other.That means, looking for a partner with a compatible zodiac sign could be extremely important for you.Does that mean you need to look for someone with a different star sign, or can you be compatible with someone who has the same zodiac sign as you?While each partner has a distinct role in the relationship, life with an opposite sign can feel full, “like a finished painting,” writes MBG.In fact, these two signs have a strong potential to be a "soul twin match." When you're with the opposite sign, you can feel as though you finally see life from a full perspective, rather than obsessing about particular details.

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This is because, as many astrologers theorize, each sign is an evolution of the prior.Connected at a core level, you and this person feel unbelievably comfortable with each other—to the point where a little mystery is needed to keep the passion alive.Making sure that you maintain your own lives apart from each other is all it takes, which can be a challenge when you’ve found someone that you’d happily do just about everything with.While this somewhat volatile dynamic fraught with power struggles doesn’t exactly make for the most laid-back relationship, your partner will often keep you “active and keyed up.” Both partners are equally strong-willed, which can be a wonderful way to learn how to compromise to accommodate someone you care about.Rooted in the same element, you and your trine partner share an unspeakable bond, one that makes you feel as if you don’t have to constantly explain yourself to them.

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