Dating sites like myyearbook com

Meet Me - Go Live, Chat & Meet is a chatting and social networking app developed by Meet Me, Inc. The app gives users the opportunity to meet new friends through online chat.If you’re not satisfied with social networking websites like Facebook and find an online dating website like OKCupid to be too constraining, you may be able to use this website in order to experience the best of both worlds.As a member of Meet Me, you have the choice to take your pictures from different places such as your computer, smartphone, webcam, or from other social networking sites like Facebook.

Before my Yearbook became Meet Me, it would gain over twenty million total members and over a billion unique page views per month.‘The Basic Stuff’ is another section where you give your specific background regarding what you’re looking for, your sexual orientation in a partner, body type (athletic, overweight, average, etc.), race, religion, income level, education level, smoking and drinking habits, etc.Lastly, the ‘A Little Something More’ written section allows you to go into more detail regarding specific subjects such as your ‘turn-ons and turn-offs, your perfect first date, five different things that you can’t live without, etc.The main difference between popular social networking websites like My Space and Facebook when compared to my Yearbook is that the former websites wanted to connect friends together who already knew each other in real life whereas my Yearbook was committed in bringing new people together who would like to get to know each other and meet in the future.In addition, my Yearbook offered a number of social flash-based games as well as other fun features such as an instant messaging system, a real-time update system giving you a heads up on what your connections were doing, and a useful mobile application to have access to your desktop computer or laptop. The owners of this website wanted to focus on the fact that Meet Me was about new people getting in touch, exchanging information, and getting to know each other in person especially if they were desiring to have a new friend, go on a date with someone, or to start a club of some sort.

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