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Technical schools last four years and lead to the Matura.Their primary goal is to teach occupations and trades, the most popular being: accountant, mechanic, electronics specialist, and salesperson.Depending on the subject, the final grade may be based on the result of a single exam, or on the student's performance during the whole semester.In the latter case, a point system is generally used rather than the 2–5 scale.The first foreign language (usually English) was taught three times a week.The second foreign language was taught twice a week.Similarly "3-" is occasionally (but very rarely) given as a "barely passing" grade, but for all official purposes it is equivalent to 3.0.The grading is done every semester (twice a year), not just once in a school year.

The library catalog of the Cathedral Chapter of Kraków dating back to 1110 shows that in the early 12th-century Polish intellectuals had access to European literature.

In 2005/06, there were 49,200 students in schools for national minorities, most of them in German, Kashubian, Ukrainian and Belarusian language schools.

Under the education reform introduced by Polish education minister Katarzyna Hall, students of Polish lower secondary schools had to learn two different foreign languages.

The reform introduced two different levels of the exam – a higher level (if a student learnt the same language in primary school) and a standard level (if a student learnt the first language in lower secondary school).

The results of lower secondary school language examinations contributed to the criteria of applying to enter upper secondary level school.

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